While in my wildest dreams my readers hang on my every observation and even my flatulence has meaning, it’s all right if people don’t like, understand, or agree with me. If you feel so inclined, please follow a sister or leave a comment/like behind to let me know that someone out there is reading.

This blog is about politics, current events, science, crafts, archaeology, random musings and self-absorbed stream-of-consciousness ranting. Sometimes I share items found on the web that I find interesting, funny, or outrageous. Whatever floats MY BOAT for a change, dammit!

I value critical thinking skills and open-mindedness. I don’t mind if someone disagrees with me, but request that you treat me and others with respect if commenting on any posts. If you would like to share or reblog anything here, I appreciate it, but please give credit to this blog for original content.

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10 thoughts on “It’s All About ME!!

  1. “I’ve alienated all of my friends and family with my political, scientific, and literary prattle, so I’m bringing all of my rants and reviews to WordPress, where I can ramble on incessantly to the blogosphere. While in my wildest dreams my followers hang on my every observation and even my flatulence has meaning, it’s all right if people don’t like/understand/agree with me.”

    <Totally understands~~~~~

  2. So far, I really like your brabble rabble. Fun and interesting. Please check out the difference between infer and imply (you mix up the two). I noticed that in the geisha article and the swiss weapons article. In spite of that, I will be checking out your writing again. I like your style! : )

    1. Thanks so much for reading and the tip. I checked out the two instances. I agree the Swiss gun ownership usage was incorrect (fixed it!), but I’m not sure about the Sexy Geisha post. A man infers from the misinformation out there (movies, pop culture, imagery) about Asian women that they are sexually submissive. He is the receiver and interpreter of information and so would not be implying anything. He then acts on his inference that I am a dirty little girl by treating me like one. That’s what I meant, anyway. Eh, the paragraph is not clear enough now that I look at it. Perhaps I should go back and reword the whole damn thing! I shall be more careful, thank you:0)

  3. Hi! I enjoy your blog. If you ever tackle vaccine science, let me know. I can point you to a ton of peer reviewed journals.

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