I return to WordPress only to bring you the brilliant work of another! This shall be part of my educational arsenal for the kiddies and quite a few of my adult friends. Love you, X!!

List of X

And now for something completely different

Many of those who read this blog have children, and eventually it becomes necessary to explain to them the difference between the various political and economic systems which are established in different parts of the world.  Yes, someday your little girl will have to learn that there are political leadership positions other than the Princess, and it’s better if she learns that from you than from her friends.  But talking about politics and socioeconomics doesn’t have to be a difficult conversation, and, to make it even easier, here is a manual to explain 10 different types of government in the simple stick-figure pictures.

Let’s imagine some ideal country, and picture it as a stick figure, where the left leg is the government, the right leg is private enterprise, so that they balance each other and carry the rest of the country…


And here’s…

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