My laptop has crashed, so I’m uploading this post from my phone. I wish I could write more about this hilarious and disturbing video, but pecking on my phone takes too darn long.

This Daily Show segment was filmed in my town of Asheville. Don Yelton is a local GOP activist who has had to resign his post as precinct chairman as a consequence of his interview with Aasif Mandvi. Yelton has been in hot water previously for similar incendiary actions. In local interviews he stated that he has no regrets and stands by his comments, though he maintains that creative editing took his words out of context. OK…

4 thoughts on “The Daily Show Video: Suppressing the Vote

  1. Amaya, thanks. This was unreal how matter of fact he was. I chuckled when the interviewer asked “You know we can hear you?” Mr. Yelton was forced to resign his position and was disowned by the NC GOP saying he did not speak for the NC GOP or Buncombe County GOP, yet was he not a leader of the Buncombe County GOP? He has echoed the comments made by legislators in Texas and PA about voter suppression laws. The GOP disowned him more as a covering an open sore, in my view. Yelton stood by his comments after resigning. The sad truth is his comments are not too removed from the intent of the law. BTG

    1. He revealed the intent that the GOP has been vigorously denying-that this is all about suppressing D-votes. That’s why they are so upset with him! His comments were breathtaking. He was like a parody of an ignorant racist, but he is the real deal. Now he has a national spotlight on him. I am almost upset at Daily Show for picking the most extreme person they could find, but I’ve spent many years laughing at all the other fools they have highlighted.

      1. You are so right. He is like a parody and the anger at him by the GOP is because he very publicly confirmed fears of the voter suppression in the law.

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