3 thoughts on “Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier on Food Stamps and The Excesses of Congress: “They received almost $200 for a single meal only for themselves. Yet, for them the idea of helping fellow Americans spend less than $5 a day makes their skin crawl.”

  1. Amaya, thanks for sharing. This vote may haunt the GOP more than the Obamacare one. It is truly cold-hearted and misplaced. There is this is this misguided lore in the GOP of rampant fraud in food stamp usage and high prevalence of drug usage necessitating testing. The latter was disproved in Florida before their drug testing was proved unconstitutional with welfare recipients taking drugs at 1/4 the rate of other Floridians. And, quoting David Brooks, the conservative columnist, “there is no evidence of significant fraud in food stamps.” It is not unlike the voter fraud lore, which does not have supporting evidence. We have to stop letting misinformed legislators step on people in need. We have a poverty problem in this country and one group of legislators wants to do the opposite of helping. Thanks BTG

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