There was a time when I would have groaned with disgust at the coverage of the tumultuous Moral Monday protests. As a conservative activist and blogger (and registered Republican), my feet remain firmly planted on the right, but I have become surprisingly sympathetic to the passionate protesters who gather every week in Raleigh.

What changed? Last October I lost my job of 19 years and officially became a deadbeat. Now, Gov. Pat McCrory has never used that word officially to my knowledge, but he did remark, while campaigning in 2012, that filing for unemployment is “too easy.”

As to the curtailment of unemployment benefits, I understand that money cannot be doled out indefinitely. My problem is the timing – until the recovery really kicks in, there simply are not enough jobs to go around. What are people going to do. no, what am I going to do in the meantime? No one asks. Economic reality has indeed intruded on my tidy little belief system.

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This is written by a conservative who has become unemployed and now faces the struggle that millions of Americans face: how to get by. I appreciate his honesty and courage for penning this editorial, but it is so typical of others who have had a similar epiphany after joining the ranks of those they once looked down upon as “moochers” and “deadbeats.” It is not until they are personally affected that they start to realize that things aren’t always so black and white. A relative comes out as gay, and suddenly they support marriage equality. A friend’s Fallopian tube explodes from an ectopic pregnancy and they finally begin to understand that abortion sometimes saves lives. Wouldn’t it be better to expand our little circles, talk to people that are affected by many of these decisions made on The Hill, before a nameless, faceless person faces ruin because of decisions made blindly, based solely on ideology?

5 thoughts on “A Conservative’s POV: Moral Mondays make sense when GOP compassion is lacking | Other Views |

  1. Maybe the difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals understand that bad things do happen to good people to no fault, while for conservatives it’s always happens to a person because that someone is a slacker, or a slut, or a sexual deviant, or a heretic, or…

  2. Great post. Working with clients, I often see corporate downsizings, rightsizings, RIFs, layoffs, etc. Over the past economic downturn we saw much more of it (Bank of America RIFs 30,000 people, Wells Fargo RIFs 15,000 people, Winn Dixie and Bi-Lo merge and cut corporate jobs, etc.). Bad things happening to good people, many of whom were Republican as well as Democrat. I have found it interesting how the connection between these events and people on unemployment is not made. These are your neighbors, fellow commuters, and church members. This is real and yet, there is this caustic lack of understanding that these are the folks on long term unemployment, especially those in their 50s. Thanks BTG

  3. Ironic isn’t it? I have these discussions frequently, in fact just had one with one of my Right-handed siblings a couple of days ago. Isn’t it strange how it is so easy to cling to ideology until you are about to lose your home, your car or you don’t know how you will feed your family? Isn’t it strange, your neighbor is a bum or a slacker and should be drug tested before she can collect food stamps to feed her children; but you? No you are a victim.

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