Protests are nothing new at the legislative building. Before the GOP takeover two years ago, conservative activists held mass rallies. In July 2001, about 700 showed up at the “Tar Heel Tea Party” to protest a proposed tax increase. According to an Associated Press account, protesters in the House gallery chanted “No new taxes!” and threw tea bags onto the chamber floor. One protester was escorted from the gallery. None were arrested.

via Arrests mount as NC legislative session nears end ::

There have been over 700 arrests since the Moral Monday Protests began in Raleigh. Teachers, preachers, retired persons, students are being arrested. Reporters covering the story have been arrested. One woman was arrested for yelling “shame on you” as legislators voted on an anti-abortion bill that could be one of the most restrictive in the nation, leaving only one clinic open in the entire state.

There aren’t enough prosecutors to take each case to court. The expense of arrested people for misdemeanors must be enormous and I’d love to know that number. Worst of all, with NC having the fifth highest unemployment in the nation and some of the highest corporate taxes, we don’t really need to make ourselves look so freaking backward! No one wants to come here while these loonies erode our civil rights in the legislature. How about LISTENING to the people that you serve? 

4 thoughts on “Arrests mount as NC legislative session nears end ::

  1. Thanks Amaya. I clicked on the Sharon Decker article. Having written email after email after email with only a handful of responses, our conservative legislators are oblivious to the problems they have caused with their poor decisions that effect people and the economy. So, the protestors are resorting to the only recourse they have and, yes, Ms. Decker others are noticing and asking what in the heck is going on down there? One thing I found funny was McCrory was saying we need to improve our image to attract new companies, but before he was sworn in, NC was voted the 4th best state for new business in 2012. So, my contention is this legislature has thrown that ranking out the window and are only now realizing it thanks to outsiders looking in.

    1. We may be swimming against the current, but we continue to struggle forward! I can’t make it to the rallies, but I will sure as hell pay attention and make some noise. The voices are getting louder, and pretty soon they will just have to listen or face the consequences.

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