MUSIC is not tangible. You can’t eat it, drink it or mate with it. It doesn’t protect against the rain, wind or cold. It doesn’t vanquish predators or mend broken bones. And yet humans have always prized music — or well beyond prized, loved it.In the modern age we spend great sums of money to attend concerts, download music files, play instruments and listen to our favorite artists whether we’re in a subway or salon. But even in Paleolithic times, people invested significant time and effort to create music, as the discovery of flutes carved from animal bones would suggest.So why does this thingless “thing” — at its core, a mere sequence of sounds — hold such potentially enormous intrinsic value?

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Music, for me, is therapeutic. It relieves stress, gives me joy, gets me moving, and often gives me a transcendent spiritual experience. Music crosses boundaries that might never ordinarily be breached. Like birds and whales, we create beautiful sounds to communicate our emotions, with or without words. Music speaks to our souls.

There is an organization called Music and Memory that uses music therapy to help elderly patients with dementia and other cognitive and physical problems. It is amazing to witness the transformation. If you’re looking for a good cause to donate to or have an old iPod you don’t use, remember this worthy group.

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