“Just one of those crazy accidents.”

That’s what the Cumberland County coroner in Lexington, KY said of the horrific accident in which a 5-year-old boy shot his 2-year-old sister dead with his PERSONAL RIFLE. I have a terrible feeling that the parents of these children won’t be charged for reckless endangerment or anything else. Isn’t losing a child enough? Maybe. What would we do to a parent who drove drunk and killed their child in a “crazy accident?” Unfortunately, stories like these happen regularly enough that we aren’t even shocked. Consider the off-duty policeman who left his unsecured weapon within reach his four-year-old nephew. The child picked it up and shot the deputy’s wife dead. Predictably, the sheriff called it a terrible accident. “It’s a sad, sad set of circumstances,” he said. Talk about an understatement! The deputy was not charged.

Looks like accidents like these will be an ever growing trend in the future, because the gun industry aggressively markets to children, hoping to ensure a new generation of consumers, while lobbying against even the tamest of regulations to prevent accidental discharges. The U.S. General Accounting Office estimated that 31% of unintentional deaths caused by firearms could be prevented by the addition of  a child-proof safety lock and a loading indicator. Trigger locks are somehow an infringement on the Second Amendment, however. Keystone Sporting Arms, manufacturer of the  “My First Rifle,” markets deadly weapons to the kiddie crowd, with smaller barrels and stocks in primary colors and hot pink for your little princess. It is (currently) illegal to sell guns to minors, but given the current climate of Second Amendment worship, that could change. At this point, I am not shocked by any proposed legislation.

Yes, this is for real.

My father taught me how to shoot at a young age. I knew how to check if it was loaded and was taught basic safety such as rule number one: NEVER POINT YOUR WEAPON AT ANOTHER PERSON! I was punished if I even pointed my FINGERS shaped like a gun at my little sister. Nevertheless, he always kept his guns locked up when he wasn’t using them. Because children cannot be trusted to use good judgment. Grown people have enough trouble with that.

An article extolling the merits of the Bushmaster AR-15 ended by saying “Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a Bushmaster AR-15 under your tree some frosty Christmas morning!” WOW. We’ve come a long way from the Red Rider BB Gun. “Mom, can I have an assault rifle for Christmas?”

It is apparent that no number of tragedies or deaths will spur the government to finally take action to enact sensible gun laws-not until the NRA and the gun lobby are prevented from buying politicians. Clearly, campaign finance reform is not even on the horizon, so you had better buy up those bulletproof backpacks and teach your young ones to duck and cover. Do they manufacture baby bulletproof vests yet? Hmm, perhaps that’s a niche market I could exploit…KiddieKevlar?

Bulletproof backpack, available in Disney Princess and Spiderman!
Bulletproof backpack, available in Disney Princess and Spiderman!

9 thoughts on “Babies and Bushmasters, Marketing Guns To a New Generation

  1. Whoever said this obviously hasn’t had children. If babies had guns, they would just stick the barrels in their mouths, like they do with every other object they get hold of.

  2. Amaya, great post on a tragic, but not unsual story in the US. As you note, this stuff happens everyday. I shared on anoher website earlier today, when you total all the children/ teen gun deaths in the top 23 countries, for every 100 child deaths, 87 of them happen in America. That means only 13 of them happen in the other 22 countries, including places like Canada where guns are also readily available. These statistics are atrocious for our country and we are perceived as the wild west by foreigners. We must have background checks and training on all purchases. I would argue that the license needs to be reupped from time to time with additional background checks. We cannot outlaw stupidity, but someone has to speak up for the dead kids before more of them occur. Thanks, BTG

    1. Another great statistic to add to the list of things we’re known for. USA: Number one among developed nations for gun violence, prison population, infant mortality, STDs, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, obesity, homicide rates…GO, USA!

  3. I’m sure both these families will probably still be allowed to keep their guns, because they are the “responsible gun owners”.
    So what if they left a loaded weapon within the reach of a toddler – it’s not like they left a child in the car with the windows up.

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