voltaireThose who can induce you to believe absurdities can induce you to commit atrocities. (Voltaire)

Thank you, Voltaire, for expressing my feelings about politics, human rights, and war. My time is entirely devoured by work and my obligations as a mom and a caregiver. My husband gave me a gift certificate for a two-hour massage for Christmas. It expires at the end of March, so I have selfishly decided to redeem it this weekend, despite my desire to shed at least ten pounds before allowing a stranger to run her hands over my flesh. I’m barely okay with my husband viewing what childbirth has wreaked upon my poor, abused frame and he is the reason for its state! An option available is the “ashiatsu” massage, in which she uses her feet to relieve pain and tension. On her site she has a picture of herself administering this treatment to a client. The client has a “sumo” covering that is basically a rolled-up towel covering her asscrack. I will probably pass on that treatment. I am the type that gives herself a pedicure BEFORE going to get a pedicure. And if I had the privilege of having a maid, I would clean before she came over. Anyone else have these stupid quirks? And I realize this has nothing to do with Voltaire, but now you have a view into the mind of a woman who likes to ponder the riddles of life and the foibles of men, but must function as a domestic slave in the real world while dealing with personal insecurities. But a little luxury awaits me on Sunday…

BUSTEd can             Surely she will have seen and kneaded far worse!

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