Best quote of the day from Charles Blow of The New York Times:

“…dumb, stupid and inane have become the three pillars of government now that strong-willed, dimwitted hard-liners who see compromise as a dirty word have infiltrated the halls of Congress.”

Ain’t it the freaking truth? Right now, the GOP is in self-destruct mode, fighting for the right to RIDE ENDANGERED MANATEES in Florida and striking a blow against NIPPLES in North Carolina. Who gives a shit about fiscal sanity when there are bare titties around?

READThe Sequester – A Game of Chicken –

SEEAl Madrigal of The Daily Show investigate “America’s most nonsensical, slow-thinking minorities.”

WITNESS: The scourge of toplessness that has plagued one scenic NC town.

IGNORE: Millions of poor, hungry, disabled, and uninsured Americans.

3 thoughts on “The Sequester, Manatee Wrangling, and Boobies…

  1. Thanks Amaya. I decided on the Forrest Gump “Stupid is as stupid does” theme for NC’s inanity. Although I very much like the “Reign of Error.” It fed more into Bobby JIndal’s line “we have to stop being the stupid party.” Apparently, they did not want to listen to that advice. Thanks for sharing, BTG

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