Blog post from Scientific American:

So you thought the nuttiest thing we did in North Carolina this week was appoint a director of child development and early education who was against … um, early education.

What’s wrong with you: have you never heard of North Carolina before? This is the NEW North Carolina, with a new governor and bulletproof majorities in both houses of the legislature: Carolinians are calling it “The Reign of Error.” The anti-education educator quickly resigned (the anti-education stance appears to have been only the beginning of the crazy; she wondered on Twitter, for example, whether the 2011 earthquake in Japan may have been caused by ultrasonic waves from North Korea or Japan), but relax: our anti-science scientists are on the case.

Our legislators of course most famously made their bones trying to force scientists not to model sea-level rise, though they regained the spotlight only last month, appointing a leader of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) who believes that oil may be a renewable resource and that the science on global warming is unresolved.

Which brings us right back to global warming. Acting as scientific adviser to the group that led the charge against measuring sea level was one John Droz, who has an MA in solid state science and crusades against things like the belief in climate change and wind energy.

Continue Reading: Still Bringing the Science Crazy in NC | Plugged In, Scientific American Blog Network.


4 thoughts on “Still Bringing the Science Crazy in NC via Scientific American Blog Network

  1. Amaya, I had not heard the term “Reign of Error.” Sad, but funny. I wonder if our legislators know that we do so much with solar energy here and that the best solar PV technology in the world is made in our state about twenty miles from the State House. Thanks for sharing, BTG

    1. It did indeed start with a mistaken vote. Becky Carney was devastated by her error and not allowed to correct it. So sad that this had so many implications for the whole state and its residents.

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