Just reading about the government’s massive new report outlining what climate change has in store for the U.S. is sobering. In brief: temperature spikes, drought, flooding, less snow, less permafrost. But if you really want to freak out, you should check out the graphs, charts, and maps.

For the more visually oriented bunker builders out there, here are the 32 most alarming images from the 1,200-page draft report. (Click any of them to embiggen.)

Things will be different.
Analysis suggests that temperatures could rise as much as 11 degrees by the end of the century. On this chart, note the lines labelled SRES A2 and SRES B1. Those are the two greenhouse gas emission scenarios used as worst- and best-case scenarios in many of the charts that follow.

1 temperature projections

It’s possible that sea levels could only rise eight inches. It is also possible that they could rise over six-and-a-half feet.

1a sea level range


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4 thoughts on “The 32 most alarming charts from the government’s climate change report

  1. Amaya, thanks for sharing these. I am pulling together another alternative energy post and I will send folks your way for the charts. Seeing what is happening in Beijing should be proof by itself. The sad tale is we need to do much more in the US, but we need China to do even more, as they dwarf us in people and when even more get cars there…..Take care, BTG

    1. Thanks, BTG. I’ve read that China is making great strides in renewable energy and has a working plan to do even more. They are actually global leaders in the renewable energy market.

  2. I read that as well. They just have a longer hill to climb with their numbers of people. When more Chinese use resources we are accustomed to it impacts the planet even more. Yet, they are doing better than we are on alternative energy initiatives. Many thanks. This is terrific stuff. BTG

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