TeaPartyGunFundraiserWhile most of us are still reeling from the tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, my hometown chapter of the Tea Party has decided to go ahead with its raffle of an AR15 semi-automatic assault rifle similar to the weapon that killed 20 children last Friday. The group gained national attention previously for its Machine Gun Social, in which participants could make donations in exchange for the chance to fire 30 rounds from a sub machine gun of their choosing.

Lunch and drinks included, what a deal!

The group realizes that this raffle might SEEM in poor taste, but defends itself by saying that the raffle had been planned weeks ahead of time and news of it was spread by word of mouth before officially announcing it online on Monday, December 17, mere days after the Newtown shootings. From their website:

ATPAC decided to go through with this raffle at this time because everyone is paying attention. We refuse to allow the Left and the Liberal mindset to once again hijack the conversation as they have and allow the political hacks to pass laws that continue to limit our inalienable right to protect ourselves and the most defenseless among us.

ATPAC goes on to say that had there been armed individuals in the school, this massacre would never have occurred. They call for an “honest debate” of the issue of gun control and cast their raffle in the noble light of throwing water “in the face of those who let ‘no crisis goes to waste.’” 

Many are saying that “now is not the time” to talk about gun control. Others say that teachers should be armed and ready for the next (inevitable) crazed gunman. Laws are being introduced in neighboring states of South Carolina and Tennessee, calling for armed individuals to be present in every public school. The Aurora theater shooting this summer, the Oregon mall shooting scant days before the Newtown tragedy, hundreds of others dead in shootings across the country this year…when is enough enough? We barely have breathing room between horrific gun crimes these days. So why change a scheduled assault rifle giveaway? If they wait, there might be yet another shooting to rain on the parade of gun nuts. About 85 people die from deadly gunshot wounds daily, a majority of them due to suicide. A recent report states that gun-related fatalities will outnumber deaths by auto accidents by 2015. Tell me again that guns don’t kill people.

“But the bad guys will just use another weapon,” says the gun advocate. Yes, he will. A knife-wielding crazy person stabbed 22 children in China on the SAME day as the Newtown shootings. EVERY child and adult shot by Adam Lanza died. NO CHILDREN died of their injuries in Chengping, China.

Assault rifles have no purpose other than to kill lots of people fast. Self-respecting hunters would never use such an unsportsmanlike weapon to kill game. My late father, an avid collector and marksman, would say that any man that needed to carry around such a weapon was a wimp who should turn in his man card. Many of my Facebook friends have been saying we need to be more like the Swiss, where guns are issued to every able-bodied male. I agree, but take a closer look at how the Swiss do it in a post I wrote previously, which has been getting a lot of traffic in the last few days. There are no dumb-ass shooting incidents over pizza or loud music.

Many of my friends and relatives are saying that the second amendment grants us the right to carry assault rifles to guard against a tyrannical government. I guess we need some missiles and nukes too. How about fighter jets? Will an AR-15 protect us against bunker-busting bombs? Because that’s what we’ll get in the event of a war against our own government. RIDICULOUS ARGUMENT, YOU STUPID ASSHOLES. See Waco, see Ruby Ridge, see every instance of armed insurrection in this country ever. RED DAWN was a MOVIE. The second amendment does NOT grant us permission to carry around weapons of mass destruction. The second amendment should not be held in an esteemed position above all other rights granted in the Constitution-specifically the right to LIFE. Twenty young lives were cut short last Friday. They will not be the last. Guns DO kill people. Assault weapons kill a LOT of people. Your assault rifle is nothing in the face of a tyrannical government. The best protection against a tyrannical government is to stop eating the lies it feeds you. 

8 thoughts on “Asheville Tea Party Holding Gun Raffle in the Wake of Newtown Massacre

  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    This post shows the blatant disregard for the Sandy Hill Elementary School victims and their families & friends, by some very cold, callous & ignorant sub humans. I hope that one day, each of these people who participate in this event, gets the opportunity to experience, first hand, up close & personal, exactly what the town of Newtown, Connecticut, is feeling. Thank you Ms. Amaya for this post. God help America.

  2. Amaya, I feel your anguish. Check out the comment on my latest post “Gun Deaths and the Bigger Context” from a Canadian blog friend who provides an interesting perspective. He advocates mothers marching on Washington to make this an issue to be dealt with. I agree. The new mantra should be “People who have access to guns kill people.” Take care and thanks for banging the drum on this. BTG

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