Dick move.


A post popped up on the link-sharing site Reddit earlier today: “Yesterday I was laid off because President Obama was re-elected. AMA!” “AMA” is short for “ask me anything,” inviting the Reddit community to do exactly that. Accompanying the post is this image:

The Reddit poster, who said he worked in a warehouse for a coal company, didn’t identify the company, but we can tell you: It was Murray Energy, a coal company based in Ohio and run by our old friend Prayin’ Robert Murray.

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3 thoughts on “Fired coal mine employee shares letter from evil coal boss with the world

  1. Coal has been on the demise for some time now. Their leaders know this. They should be commended for moving toward cleaner coal, yet it still has to be mined and that causes issues know matter how clean the back end can be. Plus, people like Duke Energy are still working out the kinks in the coal gasification process. Fossil fuel industry leaders need to move into other forms of energy, as the planet clearly needs the de-emphasis on fossil fuel over the next ten to fifteen years. By the way, the alternative energy jobs are plentiful and are not as dirty, so this is not a jobs issue. I do find the move by this employer to be heartless, calculating and childish. People are truly commodities to these employers and they should be highlighted.Great post, BTG

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