In recent weeks, a flurry of news coverage has focused on an undemocratic trend in workplaces around the country: employers telling their workers which politicians they should vote for. CEOs for Murray Energy, Koch Industries, ASG Software and Westgate Resorts have pressured their employees to vote for particular political candidates, like Mitt Romney.

The Nation has found that the phenomenon appears far more wide-ranging than previously known. Businesses throughout Washington State, along with a loose network of hundreds of coal and mining companies, are preparing to urge employees to vote for specific political candidates. Meanwhile, lobbyists in Washington are working furiously to encourage more corporations to adopt these tactics.

One of the lesser-known consequences of the Citizens United decision is how corporations gained the power to explicitly recommend candidates to their rank-and-file workers. Before, corporations were limited to mostly encouraging civic participation. Now, managers can make political appeals for a candidate in the workplace.

This November, corporations are testing their new Supreme Court–granted rights for the first time in a presidential election. The coal industry is a good place to observe this shifting landscape.

Since 2004, lobbyists for the coal and mining industry have promoted something called “Mine the Vote,” an effort to organize employees and get them to the polls.

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5 thoughts on “Is Your Boss Going to ‘Mine’ Your Vote? More Corporations Step Up Coercion

  1. I believe this will backfire on these companies. It get backs to most leaders falling in the 80% part of the 80/20 rule. If you see leaders making bad decisions, would you trust them to recommend who to vote for? Maybe I am off base, but I would not appreciate my former CEO (or her several predecessors) telling me how to vote. I would appreciate them saying that it is important to vote, though, which is a different message. Thanks, BTG

  2. I sent one of those letters to my employee (me) it said remember your civic duty and vote for the right candidate. Vote early. Vote for the candidate that will have your best interest and the interest of the nation at heart. Vote for the candidate that is prepared to go to the mat for you.

    Yesterday I kept that letter in mind. I paid attention. I listened to my boss. I reminded my husband what my boss said (his boss also).

    We went to the polls for early voting.

    We both voted a straight ticket.

    We may not turn Texas Blue but we damned well registered our vote for President Barack Obama and every single other Democrat on the ticket in Texas.

    My boss (me) Rocks.

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