Jon Stewart featured this clip of a speech by FDR on the Daily Show after picking apart the inconsistencies of Romney’s many claims. Romney says a lot of things without saying much at all. He will cut taxes 20 percent, reduce the debt and eliminate the deficit without really specifying where he will come up with all that revenue to pay for his big ideas. Hey, it sounds good. No pain, all gain…maybe it’s too good to be true?

“Let me warn you, and let me warn the nation, against the smooth evasion that says ‘Of course we believe these things. We believe in social security. We believe in work for the unemployed. We believe in saving homes. Cross our hearts and hope to die. We believe in all these things. But we do not like the way that the present administration is doing them. Just turn them over to us. We will do all of them, we will do more of them, we will do them better and, most important of all, the doing of them will not cost anybody anything!

View the Daily Show segment “Vague Against the Machine” HERE.


2 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: FDR Warns Against Politicians Who Say Anything to Get Elected

  1. Reblogged this on DoubleyooTeeEff and commented:
    “The more things change, the more they stay the same”, Part Two. Via The BrabbleRabble, this video proves that when it comes to political stump speeches and campaign promises, there’s really nothing new under the sun.

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