I bit my virtual Facebook tongue today when a relative posted this. It makes me sad that my Christian friends and relatives would even joke about such a thing. Although such unchristian behavior is what drove me from religion that I once found comfort in, I still revere history and tradition. I have retained many of the values and teachings that I learned from the Bible, most specifically the words of Jesus. But so-called godly people regularly call for the destruction of the Middle East and all the dirty “heatherns” (no, not a typo) that live there. Never mind that there are Christians living there and the vast majority of Muslims are non-violent. Never mind it is the cradle of civilization and of utmost biblical and archaeological historical importance. Mesopotamia, Ur, homeland of Abraham, a vast treasure trove of ancient history yet to be discovered, billions of innocent souls…whatevs. Nuke ’em all. If there is a God, he must be sorely disappointed in his creation. Or maybe this is his “plan.” 

8 thoughts on “Ground Zero Ocean

  1. It makes me sad too when I see this kind of thing. And I honestly don’t know how people can claim to be Christians and be this hateful. I encourage you to speak up next time. Sometimes people need to hear that not everyone agrees with them.

  2. I hate bigotry and when I find myself thinking in generalizations, I feel less mature. Beneath all of this bad news, there is some good news, we need to highlight. The Libya leader stood up and denounced the bombing and made some arrests and signs were seen where Muslim moderates were represented saying things like “this is not what we Muslims support” or “we do not condone this.” This attack in Libya looked planned and may have been in retaliation for killing a key Al-Qaeda target last week. These folks are very good at using propaganda like this movie to teach hate and take advantage of people. In our country, we have a largely uninformed population as well. So, they too can be manipulated by propaganda. When it is an extreme group that is one thing, but when it is church or government leaders (or both), then that is another. These latter folks should know better and when they don’t we need to call them on the carpet. Just because someone is a minister does not mean they can’t be full of shit.

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