“Thanks to BIC, we women are no longer forced to write in a man’s world. Now we don’t have to suffer from pens envy.”

LMAO, funny stuff from Carolina Courtland at Staked in the Heart!

Staked in the Heart

BIC has created a line of pens exclusively for women. I’ve been so tired of struggling my whole life to use those regular man pens with their massive barrels and  unmatched plug and ink colors.

Finally, I will be able to write things down!

They are called Cristal for Her, come in special girlie colors like Amber for Her and are “elegantly designed just for her!”  Here are their key features (these are real pens):

  • Tinted barrel (pink, purple, blue, green or orange) thinner for a better handling for women – You don’t have to write your feminist manifesto in hairy masculine colors like black and blue. *shudder* You can write in rainbow vagina colors as it should be
  • Quality ink, quick drying and smooth writing – For effortless drawing of unicorns and smiley faces. The pen practically dots each “i” with a heart by itself!
  • Tungsten carbide ball, perfect…

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