Here’s some Tea Party Madness for you. Missouri Tea Party Senate Candidate Todd Akin on abortion after a “legitimate rape”:

Yeah, the female body can just “shut down” its biological mechanisms, but only if it was LEGITIMATE. You just can’t make this shit up!

In other crazy GOP news, Rick Santorum took offense to Joe Biden’s remarks that Wall Street would “put y’all back in chains.” Not so much the “chains” part, but his highly racially charged use of “y’all.” This guy, who doesn’t want to make “bla… people’s life better,” says that the use of the word “y’all” was trying to develop some sort of affinity with “those groups,” meaning bla… people, I guess.

The Obama campaign is “class warfare at its worst…and then, you saw Vice President Biden play the race card in Virginia.”

“Did he play the race card?” asks host Jim Acosta.

“There’s no…you know, y’all? I mean, y’all is y’all!

“And when you’re in a group, you know, I’ve been in groups like that, and it’s very easy when you’re in a group of people that, you know, when you’re in the South or when you’re up in different areas of the country and different groups of people, you develop an affinity with the group that you’re speaking in front of. That’s what Vice President was doing. He was trying to develop that affinity, and he did so in a very horrendous way. And he should apologize for it. But it is exactly the tone of this campaign.”

Again, you just CAN’T make this up. I mean, you could, but it would be too ridiculous to believe without the magic of video. Here’s a nice little tutorial on how NOT to pander:

5 thoughts on “Profiles in Wingnuttery, Y’all

  1. Okay, being from the great state of Texas (yes I admit to this third generation and everything), lets get this right!

    ya’ll – common and standard, but not racial
    all ya’ll – also common and standard (more than one), but not racial

    Mitt Romney, so White he is shiny and makes my eyes bleed.

    Todd Akin, so ignorant he makes me want to put my cowboy boots up his azz. First, how dare this azzhat allow ‘legitimate rape’ to leave his lips. Second, no legitimate medical professional ever said to him that in the case of rape the female body shuts down its biological functions except in the case of death.

    Finally, the Right needs to shut up with their attempts to paint the Left and specifically the Obama campaign as Angry, Racial or Pandering. Are they kidding? Really?

    1. I have never heard “y’all” characterized as racial until Santorum’s indignant rant.

      As always, the brazen disregard for reality by those on the right who accuse the president of divisiveness and hate amazes me. Accusing him of being a secret Kenyan Muslim who hates America is pretty freaking divisive and hateful.

  2. Thanks for shining the spotlight on inanity. To begin with, in the US class warfare is over. The “gated community crowd” won the war. This war began in 1981 and the haves left the have nots behind. We have one of the worst economic distributions for a first world country and 45 million Americans in poverty and 45 million without health insurance. So, the GOP answer is to repeal Obamacare and significantly reduce welfare assistance, leaving defense spending in tact and reducing taxes on the upper end further. So, to be frank, I do not have as much trouble with BIden’s “chains” remarks. Yes, he could have used better words, but I resent in many respects, people taking a poor choice of words and overlooking the bigger picture. As an Independent voter, we need to focus on what the parties will do, even if they won’t. Keeping on brabbling Amaya.

  3. Amaya is like me, a southerner. Y’all is not a racist term. It is our plural of “you” and will continue to be such regardless of race. When I see a crowd of people at a R&R rally, I do not see many non-whites, so to me that provides interesting context to these comments about racism from a Tea Partier like Santorum. I am just an Old Fart, but I find the continual “birther” and “Obama is a Muslim” comments on the racist side. BTG

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