Mitt Romney is in Colorado today, doing that thing presidential candidates do where they talk at people for a while and the people clap and the candidate shakes some hands and makes some jokes and then gets in a car and goes somewhere else to do the same thing. It really sounds like a lot of fun.

But some of the people in Colorado don’t want to clap for Romney. They don’t want to shake his hand. Why are they being so rude? Because Mitt Romney doesn’t care if they lose their jobs. From the Denver Post:

The visit comes just days after his campaign took a firm stand against extending the wind-energy production tax credit — a position that puts him at odds with three of the state’s four Republican congressmen and could cause trouble with some of the independent voters who decide elections in Colorado.

Conservative U.S…

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One thought on “Mitt Romney stops by Colorado to laugh about how he hates their jobs

  1. Thanks for the link. I read this morning that Romney made a speech in Detroit saying he will do away with the bi-partisan mpg goal of 54.5 mpg. The auto industries supports this initiative which was started under Bush and leveraged by Obama. You add this to the attached article on wind and you can draw a conclusion that the Oil/ Gas Industry is puppeteering these statements. Drill baby drill and let’s frack should be the two campaign slogans.

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