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Like anyone else, I love a good conspiracy theory. Here’s one that isn’t: below is a video clip of Alex “Crazy for a Profit” Jones arguing that the Aurora Theater Shooting was a “staged event.” By the way, I would be shocked if Alex Jones was not on the NRA’s payroll (see images below).

In his spectacular midway-barker style, Jones “connects the dots” for us between James Holmes and the theater shooting to the upcoming UN Arms Treaty Conference, Fast and Furious, the Uni-bomber, Jared Loughner, Columbine, MK ULTRA, the “Globalist Command Center (the alternate US capital) in Denver / Colorado Springs, President Obama and the Democrats and, naturally, the opening of the actual Batman movie itself.

Of course, he calls this “analyzing” the event.

In Alex Jones’ “analysis”, the real victim here is James Holmes — your typical “patsy” who was drugged up and duped to take the fall. This…

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4 thoughts on “Alex Jones and “the Aurora Theater Shooting Was A Staged Event” conspiracy

  1. I don’t think it was a conspiracy. Holmes is just a nutjob.

    When you see the videotape of Holmes at 18, you can see he’s nuts. He wasn’t making sense back then, and I have to wonder why he wasn’t in some kind of mental health program. Where were his parents when this “genius” was rambling on about utter nonsense?

    And since Holmes planned this attack for weeks, again, didn’t his parents wonder what was up? Weren’t they speaking to him during that time frame? Couldn’t they tell something was terribly wrong when he would mutter about how he had to get off the phone to go buy a few thousand more rounds of ammo? And who was paying for all these guns and ammo?

    1. I am interested in the answers to those questions as well. I imagine we will be learning a lot about Holmes in the lead-up to his trial. I can’t imagine that he is crazy enough to be unfit for trial if he was able to amass such a stockpile, booby-trap his apartment, and pull off this massacre without detection. He might have acted “off,” but obviously he was high-functioning enough to plan and execute his heinous crimes.

  2. From what I can tell, he doesn’t meet the legal definition of insanity because he clearly knew what he was doing was wrong. He wore body armor, so he knew police might try to stop him. That’s a key element. And as you pointed out, he planned this for weeks, carefully. He had time to think about it.

    But, from what he said in that videotape he appears to think he’s living in some “temporal illusion” like from the show Star Trek. It’s as if “killed” those people in a holodeck, that it wasn’t real. In which case, he would meet the insanity defense. He didn’t know that his actions were going to affect real life people. It’s a very interesting case from a legal standpoint.

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