On Wednesday morning, Mitt Romney thought it’d be a good idea to tell the NAACP he intends to kill a health care reform law that brings coverage to 7 million uninsured African Americans. On Wednesday night, Romney attended a fundraiser in Montana, and reflected on the audience that booed him.

For those who missed Rachel’s reporting last night, Romney told his donors of the NAACP convention attendees,

“Remind them of this: if they want more stuff from government, tell them to go vote for the other guy — more free stuff. But don’t forget, nothing is really free.”

Hmm. So, the far-right presidential candidate deliberately antagonized the nation’s most celebrated civil rights organization in the morning, then complained to his donors in Montana about the black voters who want “more free stuff” from the government in the evening.

I speculated yesterday that Romney may have provoked the booing on purpose. Soon after, he told Fox’s Neil Cavuto he “expected” the negative reaction, and soon after that, Romney was using the incident to deliver a cheap line at an exclusive fundraiser.

Remember, for nearly a year, one of Romney’s standard lines has been that President Obama is trying to divide Americans, pitting people against one another. Yeah, tell us another one, Mitt.

One of the standard lines I heard after Romney’s NAACP appearance is that he showed “courage” by going to the conference and presenting his vision. But there was nothing courageous about the candidate’s remarks at the fundraiser. As Adam Serwer noted, “[I]f you’re going to accuse people of wanting ‘free stuff’ from the government, you might want to do it to their faces.”

READ MORE VIA: Romney: NAACP members want ‘free stuff’ – The Maddow Blog.

Well, no wonder he had that smirk on his face as he delivered that line during his speech to the NAACP convention. He was fully expecting the negative response so he could use it for his fundraising. “They” are wanting “free stuff,” a.k.a. affordable healthcare modeled after his successful program in Massachusetts. This guy is shameless.

Pandering to the far-right fringes must take a devastating toll on a man who seemed to be a moderate until he ran for president. We saw this occur during the McCain bid for office. I am an independent voter who has in the past voted for Republicans, though so far none for president (I had no viable choices). But I had an open mind about Romney because of his healthcare reform. This just goes to show that he is simply a political chameleon encased in a well-groomed shell of a human being. Sure, he is probably a “good guy” in the sense of loving his family and not being an axe-murderer, but to completely disavow his previous good work and to use race in such a coded manner for political gain is indicative of his character. Such a man I would not trust to lead this country.

***Edited to add: I had an open mind about his being a decent presidential candidate, but there was no chance I would vote for him over Obama!

11 thoughts on “Romney: NAACP members want ‘free stuff’ – The Maddow Blog

  1. Not so sure about the axe murderer part as torturing animals (read Seamus atop the family station wagon bound for vacation) is one step closer to being a serial killer!!!

    1. Good point. I was playing at being “fair and balanced,” since I basically called him a soulless lizard with no integrity. But Seamus “enjoyed” riding up there at 60+ mph with an upset stomach, right?

  2. Good post. I saw the video and he ran through his repeal comment to see if he could slip it by the audience. He did not lead with it and tacked it into his sentence. Again, I go back to if he is willing to change his opinion on his greatest success as a governor, one which he truly had to fight like hell to get passed especially the mandate, how could one not interpret that he is willing to say absolutely anything to get elected. I do think it would be great for Obama to show a copy of the letter sent to President Bush from Seantor Jim DeMint of Tea Party fame, where he advocates the Romney Health Care Plan highlighting the mandate as personal responsibility.

  3. Hey Blogfriend!!!
    My wife and I were having a real heated debate about Nit Mitt showing up at the N double and I thought it was so messed up on both parts. I take um-bridge with the N double because when is this organization going to get it. Even with Joe Bi making an appearance today, it has the vibe of this organization being used to help people make their agenda. The N double knew what they wee going to get when they invited Nit Mitt to speak. Then you’re going to boo the man when he says something fucked up you’re not going to like. His purpose was to stick his chest out for the his base and you were used. When is enough is enough? I remember growing up and the only time I would see politicians come to neighborhood or to the neighborhood church was when they wanted a vote or two or take pictures with the blacks because it would make a great photo-op. Nit Mitt used the N double as his nation photo-op with the blacks and the N double just sat there and let him do it. I’m so tired of politicians, black or white, bringing us up 1st to take the good photo-op pic, but then when it comes down to the real nitty gritty (money, positions of power) we are last in line to get what some of us deserve. My message to the N double is stop letting people come into your house, eat up all your food, suck up all your AC, drink all your liquor, watch up all your cable, and then let them turn around and talk shit about you, your family, and your house in your house. Wake up and get a clue!!!

    1. Hey Mr. Softie:) Perhaps the NAACP is using him as much as he is using them. I wouldn’t mind a chance to boo at him myself. Either way, he comes off looking like an out of touch asshole to everyone but his base, who doesn’t like him much either.

  4. Mitt’s arrogant, inflammatory, racially-charged political rhetoric gives the NAACP crowd the functional equivalent of the finger, conservative pundits applaud. The inherently racist and class warfare-inciting presumption that members of the NAACP are primarily interested in “more free stuff” simply perpetuates the ignorance-based stereotype of African Americans as being lazy parasites on society.

    In any case, Romney doesn’t worry about the problems of poor people … because there is a “safety net” … which he wants to defund … because people (including single, full-time moms) who depend upon financial assistance such as food stamps lack dignity … because you must be completely self-sufficient to have self-worth … unless you inherited vast wealth … in which case you are inherently highly dignified … because you are a person of power and authority … who gets to enjoy the sheer pleasure of firing people … which Mitt did countless times while running Bain Capital, creating huge profits … for himself and his fellow investors … at the expense of fired workers … who, as a result, often joined the growing ranks of poor people in America … which Mitt doesn’t worry about.

  5. I am going to sound old fashioned, so please forgive this Old Fart. When we resort to name calling, we lessen our argument. I think we should belabor the facts to defeat rhetoric.
    1) ACA is not perfect, but has made strides already to expand coverage. It is largely a Republican idea several times over, so use past words of support to show hypocrisy. We need to improve it, not repeal it.
    2) We are one of the least taxed countries in the world by far per the OECD in Paris and we must increase revenue, as well as make cuts. Cuts must include a large chunk in defense spending. Mitt’s 20% tax cut is the height of irresponsibility and how we got into this budget mess per the Bush tax cuts.
    3) We have a huge economic disparity in this country which is unhealthy. The very cuts Romney wants to make will be a direct affront to people with lower incomes making the problem worse.
    4) Obama is not perfect, but he has done a far better job as steward of our economy than he is given credit for. GOPers use of “failed” and “job-killing” are truly only words. The stimulus actually worked, but was not enough. Obama has made two major faux pas – not embracing Simpson-Bowles and not managing expectations. Most housing based recessions take 6 years to recover from per the data. Obama should keep putting up the job creation chart. It continues to be positive. Truth be told, China’s decrease in growth and the Euro’s issues have a greater impact on us than many of our issues.
    5) Yet, my greatest concern is the GOP stance on global warming and trying to defang the EPA. The Koch brother money is already influencing state and national legislators around energy issues. If Romney carries the White House, we will go even further backwards. Germany will be 80% alternative energy by 2030. They have a ten year start on us and will leave us in the dust.

    Sorry for the soap-box.

    1. Please, stay on the soap box! I enjoy your blog because you put forth rational, fact-based solutions instead of just complaining and bashing this or that politician. It would be so nice if our elected leaders would do the same. I watched several of the Republican debates and was exasperated by the complete lack of reasoned discussion by most of the candidates. It was more about defeating Obama and repeating the same tired old talking points about guns, abortion, and religion. Wouldn’t it have been nice to actually have a choice of who to vote for based on policies? Instead we get a guy who can’t even run on his own record because he has disavowed most of it. Though we all get frustrated with our flawed political process and the two steps forward, one step back (or vice-versa) pace of our government, I think most of us truly crave civility, compromise, and progress. The few politicians who actually try to do this (like Obama) are constantly beset by silly diversions (like birth certificate BS) from the goal of running the country efficiently.

      But letting off a little steam among (blog)friends helps some of us ease our frustrations sometimes:)

  6. Thanks for the support and I understand the letting off steam. I truly have to temper a lot of what I say after watching the news. It is funny, I told Hugh Curtler that I don’t watch the Sunday morning talk shows as they don’t ask the right questions and let people off the hook. I would love for someone to ask a GOP candidate “how can you expect a rational voter to take you seriously when you deny that global warming is occurring at all?” I love your blog and will keep poking in. Thanks for your great work.

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