I have been a service-industry worker for many years. These are great pointers from lazyhippiemama. The only thing I want to add is that people who leave religious tracts that look like money are the scum of the earth. God has a plan for YOU, cheap-asses!

Lazy Hippie Mama

This post isn’t especially hippie-ish.  I was talking with the Handsome Hippie Husband this morning on the subject of tipping and he said, “you should blog about this.”  So I am. Because I am empress of this particular web page and I can. (Heeheehee.  I have been wanting to declare myself empress of something for a VERY long time!)

We, here at the Hippie Household, pay our bills (theoretically speaking) with money made from tips.  HHH is a server in a fancy-pants restaurant. It’s the kind of place where it’s not only possible but probable that a couple will run up a $100-200 bill for dinner and drinks.  It is a place that prides itself on providing extraordinary food and service.  They hired him because he is the rare server who actually cares that his guests have a great experience, he’s not in it just for the tip.  It’s a…

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    1. Agreed, but the losers do a “dine and dash” routine…DINE like lords, asking for a slice of lemon here, a free soda in their kid’s sippy there (“could you wash it out first, please”)…then leave the money and the hateful tract and DASH out the door before I can throw that crumpled piece of crap in their faces! You just have to LOL:)

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