This Libresse spot is via Malaysia. The critter is supposed to represent a durian—a local fruit that smells like “pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock.”

Ladies, please respond with the appropriate outrage.

via This Is What Vaginal Odor Looks Like.

I’m surprised any man would come near us if we smell like that! I have smelled and eaten durian before, and I have never noticed that particular scent wafting up from between my thighs. And even if I DID have a stinky vag, why the hell would I want to mask it with green tea? I would probably pop an OdorEaters liner in my panties and give myself a Lysol douche!

I guess this is a pretty good example of marketing to our fears and insecurities about ourselves as women. But seriously, if it’s smelling like death, get thee to a physician PRONTO. No green tea or Lysol or any other masking agent will cure your funkiness. You require medication. Otherwise, regular bathing will suffice. A vagina shouldn’t smell like tea, durian, OR artificial fragrances. 

One thought on “This Is What Vaginal Odor Looks Like

  1. Having lived in Singapore I remember Durian season. I am fairly certain no woman ever smelled like Durain, ever. You provided a perfect description of the smell of Durian.

    So much for playing to all our fears.

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