MIAMI ā€” George Zimmerman had a broken nose, a bruised head and passed two voice-stress lie-detector tests in the wake of his deadly fight with Miami Gardens high school junior Trayvon Martin.

But police records released Tuesday show in greater detail how the Sanford detective investigating the case was unconvinced that Zimmerman was legally justified when he shot Martin. Detective Chris Serino believed Zimmerman jumped to a “faulty conclusion” about Martin, an unarmed teen who he said never used deadly force when he battered Zimmerman and caused him to frantically scream for help 14 times.

Days after several recorded interviews between Serino and Zimmerman were made public, the detective got a new job: On July 7, he starts in his new assignment as a uniformed patrolman on the graveyard shift, at the same pay.

via Sanford detective: Trayvon Martin never used deadly force | McClatchy.

Interesting developments in the Trayvon Martin shooting case. Detective Serino recommended a manslaughter charge for George Zimmerman, but was apparently overruled by his superiors and later reassigned. I can see how Zimmerman may have passed a lie-detector test indicating fear for his life during his altercation with Martin, but this does not mean that his actions didn’t directly lead to the struggle or that his reaction was not criminal.

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