* Eighty percent of Republicans favor “creating an insurance pool where small businesses and uninsured have access to insurance exchanges to take advantage of large group pricing benefits.” That’s backed by 75 percent of independents.

* Fifty-seven percent of Republicans support “providing subsidies on a sliding scale to aid individuals and families who cannot afford health insurance.” That’s backed by 67 percent of independents.

* Fifty-four percent of Republicans favor “requiring companies with more than 50 employees to provide insurance for their employers.” That’s backed by 75 percent of independents.

* Fifty two percent of Republicans favor “allowing children to stay on parents insurance until age 26.” That’s backed by 69 percent of independents.

* Seventy eight percent of Republicans support “banning insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions; 86 percent of Republicans favor “banning insurance companies from cancelling policies because a person becomes ill.” Those are backed by 82 percent of independents and 87 percent of independents.

* One provision that isn’t backed by a majority of Republicans: The one “expanding Medicaid to families with incomes less than $30,000 per year.”

“Most Republicans want to have good health coverage,” Ipsos research director Chris Jackson tells me. “They just don’t necessarily like what it is Obama is doing.”

via Republicans support Obama’s health reforms — as long as his name isn’t on them – The Plum Line – The Washington Post.

Interesting. Though Republicans overwhelmingly support most key provisions of “Obamacare,” they despise the individual mandate. None of these key reforms will be affordable as a business model without full participation of all Americans. Requiring everyone to pay in their fair share so that all may be protected is abhorrent to conservatives, even though those who choose not to pay in will eventually require healthcare services, for which we will all have to pay. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Seems like elementary math to me, but I guess that it’s just par for the course in the bizarro world of politics.

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