8-Year-Old ‘Mugly’ Wins World’s Ugliest Dog Title | NewsFeed | TIME.com.

I think it’s time to retire the Chinese Crested breed from the competition for World’s Ugliest Dog. It is undeniably the most superior breed in all things ugly. These trembling creatures with sparse hair, crooked teeth and bug eyes are adorably hideous. I have an ugly dog myself-a snuffling, chubby little Chihuahua named Samson. He waddles about like a tiny tyrannical monarch, lording over the much larger cats that live in the household. No matter how large his foe, whether a Golden Lab or a towering mastiff, Samson believes that he can defy any creature that crosses his path. Or perhaps my stiff grasp on his leash gives him a bit of extra confidence. He reminds me of myself, so little, so silly, yet so full of righteous indignation when an injustice is perceived. I bark and strain against my leash, and like Samson, I occasionally break free. When we find ourselves untethered, it is a shock, exhilarating, yet a bit frightening. We always come running back home after a short time, glad to be back among familiar things.

This shot is a bit fuzzy, but it captures his personality so well:

MIGHTY SAMSON GRITS-N-GRAVY, My Noble Fat Chi…He loves a good fire.

What do you think of my George Washington andirons? I got them for $20…not sure if they are antique or repro, but they remind me of Sam too. Tiny aristocrat.

4 thoughts on “‘Mugly’ Is The World’s Ugliest Dog of 2012

  1. LOL- very apt photo for his description and all of the above is so true- except that he’s ugly- I think he’s adorable!

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