After offending Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas by using the offensively medically accurate word “vagina” in an impassioned floor speech opposing Michigan’s draconian new abortion law, State Representative Lisa Brown was banned indefinitely from speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives. Her colleague Barb Byrum, another passionate pro-choice elected official, was also served with an indefinite Shut The Fuck Up order from the the male-lead body. Apparently, during Michigan’s War on Women, ladies aren’t even allowed to serve in combat.

Byrum and Brown joined several of their female colleagues in voicing their vehement opposition to Michigan’s anti-abortion bill, a steaming pile of misogyny that would criminalize all abortions after 20 weeks’ gestation in all cases (so, if you had some terribly severe birth defects, too bad, sister — you carry that dead baby until that dead baby decides to be born) and contains no exceptions for the woman’s health. It also straps abortion providing facilities with new burdens designed solely to make it a pain in the ass for them to operate.

As you might expect, debate’s been heated. Hundreds of women have flooded the capitol to protest the bill’s careless fast tracking, ham-fisted paternalism, and disingenuous concern mongering. Yesterday, before the bill was passed by the House, several female state representatives stood up to voice their opposition to the proposal. And two of them got a little too uppity for the male Speaker’s taste. Want to get mad? Of course you do. Anger is the only way you know how to feel feelings anymore. Read on; it gets worse.

via Female Legislator Who Dared Say ‘Vagina’ During Abortion Debate Banned From Speaking on House Floor.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Say VAGINA!

  1. The hits just keep coming don’t they. It is amazing to me that this continues without even a whimper. How can women, even those on the Right watch this play out on in state after state and not see it for what it is.

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