I don’t get much alone time, which is bad for an introvert like me. This evening I must work, so I can’t go to my daughter’s ball game. I prepared an early dinner and packed the man and kids off to the game at 5:15. I poured myself a glass of wine as soon as the door shut behind them. 

Funny Weekend Ecard: Wine! How classy people get shitfaced.

My job is a menial one and it’s right across the street, which gives me exactly thirty minutes to be alone. The only other time I get a bit of solitude is in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep, which is probably why I don’t get much sleep. The silence in the middle of the night is heavenly.

Not even the bathroom is inviolate in this household. The minute that I step in there and lock the door, a baby is banging on the door. “I want you, I want you!” If I decide to take a bubble bath after the kids are in bed, it never fails….knock, knock…”Mom, I have to poooooop!” Curse having only one bathroom. I think that even if we had two, the second one would explode the minute I decided to take a freaking bubble bath. And so, I am a dirty little anal-retentive bitch most of the time…

I thank you for sharing my little moment of solitude that is so rare I had to share it with all you strangers. When I get back home, all the family will be here, plus my niece for babysitting. We are going to have a backyard fire and make some smores. 

5 thoughts on “Thirty Minutes of Solitude…Pointless Post of Over-sharing TMI

  1. I understand where you’re coming from. I’m also an introvert and need space and quiet time to reflect on my thoughts and feelings in order to recharge. Going without it for extended periods of time is incredibly draining. Hang in there! And I hope that you are able to get some quality alone time soon. *hugs*

  2. Thanks again for reblogging The Precautionary Principle. I find being in traffic comforting. Why? I am alone with my thoughts and favorite music. It is amazing when you are not in a rush, how something that used to be annoying can become soothing. I also find walking (without tunes, just my thoughts) is great me time. Best wishes for finding your respite away from the hustle bustle world.

    1. I am the only person I know that enjoys going to the dentist. Laying in the chair letting the hygienist clean my teeth for an hour is like a spa treatment:)

  3. Some day you will regain solitude times, I promise you. My children don’t understand why some days I just say “no don’t visit, do not bring my grandchildren, no I don’t want to go to the zoo. I just want too be alone.”

    I am lucky though I work from home a great deal so these days am afforded a great deal of solitude, maybe even more than I should have. Funny how the very thing we spend 18-20 years dreaming may overwhelm us. Enjoy what time you get, try for those little spaces you can carve out. It will get better as they grow up.

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