The American version of the War on Women has been going on for quite some time, and one of the most long-standing fronts in this war is abortion. It’s an unpleasant topic that’s fraught with complexities and complications, so it’s been a frequent tool in dividing us into Pro- and Anti- camps of social warfare (and in the cases of murders of doctors and bombings of clinics, actual violent warfare).

The War on Women has been especially effective in getting many to feel as though Christians need to march in lockstep against the idea of allowing abortions of any type to ever be legal, to the point of criminalizing miscarriage, itself. Those who try to conscript religious Christians into this war do so under the argument that the Bible itself demands such a prohibition.

Except that it doesn’t. The Bible never once specifically forbids abortions; it’s actually quite the contrary! Not only were methods of abortion well-known at the time, there’s times when the Bible states God commands that one take place. I’m going to walk through a few examples as illustrations.

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6 thoughts on “Biblical Abortion: A Christian’s View | RH Reality Check

  1. Thanks for this re-blog, interesting. I have seen this interpretation before. Honestly, we can always find our own interpretation for scripture that is the point of having it interpreted so often and having so much left out over the centuries.

  2. Living in NC and having witnessed the passage of Amendment One and the bigoted minister who wants to lock up gays and lesbians behind an electrified fence, I have seen the bible used as a crutch for terrible actions. I have always been a pro-choice person, so your post was interesting. The bible has some interesting stuff that it was once said, if you want to create an atheist, have them read the bible. I try to stay out of the weeds and say the “love thy neighbor” and Golden Rule parts of the bible trump everything else.

    1. I’m in NC as well. My city was one of the few who voted against that horrid amendment. Now the legislature wants to basically outlaw measuring sea level changes…

  3. I read about that. They literally are holding back the tide because of a paper trail. Ask them to check out Bald Head island now. My question is where are the developers and buyers going to buy insurance in the future? I have a few posts that are NC specific which you may want to check out – Good News Story on Eco-energy is one.

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