Sweet! I’m going to try this!

The Organic Lemon

This was one of those food-growing tricks that I was a little skeptical about in the beginning because it just seemed too easy but I was pleasantly surprised in the end at how simple AND effective it is!

First, buy celery (preferably organic)

Cut the bottom end off the celery (you know, the part you always throw out) and place it in a shallow dish of water (refridgerate the rest and use as you normally would):

Give it some sun light and let it begin to grow. You will see the celery stalks emerge from the center:

When I tried this I was concerned about how the celery appeared to continue growing but it never sprung out any roots while in the water.After two weeks of sitting in the water,  just to give it a try, I planted it in the garden. To my surprise, it immediately sprouted roots and continued to grow.

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3 thoughts on “Growing Celery Plants From Your Store-Bought Celery

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