There are certain words that, in and of themselves, are polarizing. Jargon that is used by either side of a debate, and once somebody utters one of these words, it’s almost always a good idea to back away slowly, as the conversation is not likely to go anywhere. One example is “Obamacare.” President Obama has attempted to embrace it in a positive way, but I’ve yet to hear it coming from a mouth that is not sneering, and the instant that it is said, I know that the person has dug in their heels and meaningful conversation won’t be possible. On the other side of things, much as I hate to admit it (since I use this phrase), “the War on Women” is a clear signal that the speaker is pretty far left of center and if you want to argue with them about abortion, you probably won’t be changing their mind.

One such word has been repeatedly coming up in my conversations lately, and I’m tired of it. Maybe you’ve guessed it: “entitlements.”

via Takedown: Nobody Owes You Anything | Persephone Magazine.

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