Happy hump-day! Let George Carlin motivate you not to give too much of a shit today, since you’re already owned. Yes, it helps to pay attention and get involved, but don’t expect much to change. A distinct lack of critical thinking skills means at least half the population is simply amplifying the vote of whatever master they follow. Some call these voters sheeple. In truth, most of us are. We don’t have much of a choice. The rich and powerful make our choices for us. The electoral system ensures we don’t too crazy with our vote. We were just a few pregnant chads from having Al Gore as our president-the horror! But The Man went ahead and put that nuttiness behind us.

Although we somehow elected a radical black socialist from Kenya, he is masquerading as a centrist moderate. Mitt Romney wouldn’t be much different, for all the lip service he has been paying to the Tea Baggers. He would just be more white, more privileged, more detached from the reality of the struggles most Americans face.

I have committed myself to volunteer for the Obama campaign. Next Wednesday I will be going to his local campaign headquarters to be trained. Many in my family will suffer frissons of disgust when they find out. Last time I just slapped a bumper sticker on my van and my relatives chattered like a gaggle of exasperated geese. I guess if I’m going to be a sheep, I’ll be a black one.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning, You’re F*cked!

  1. George Carlin was always great! I think he saw the future.

    I unfortunately think you might be wrong about Mitt, I think he will be owned by those who put him in office and we should all be truly frightened.

    1. Only judging by his past performance as governor, I think he is more of a centrist than he’s been portraying to appease the tea party set. Then again, he was governor of a more liberal state. I believe the “etch-a-sketch” analogy is apt for him. He is a political chameleon who changes his positions to reflect the base. This alone makes him a poor choice for president. We need a leader, not a follower.

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