Dr. Jen Gunter

If she is brave enough, she will ask around. Someone will know someone who knows someone. Or something.

Someone’s grandma might know about the old days. Drinking turpentine or Clorox, which is what the poorest women often did. They also took massive doses of quinine. Equally dangerous and, like the household cleaners, not a particularly effective abortifacient. Although as faded memories become urban myths no one seems to remember that these methods don’t work and often kill, and so they remain in the lexicon of “options.”

An Internet search, if she has access and doesn’t have to worry about the prying eyes of parents or an abusive partner, might lead her to misoprostol. A friend from Latin America or Asia might be more familiar with this “option.” Assuming she gets the right dose of the real medication and not some sugar pill or poison passed off as the real thing…

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