Check out this awesome post by Rhonda Saunders about parenting in the presence of the “childless-by-choice” set. With three kids of my own and a young niece that I take care of, I have endured judgmental head-shakes and stares when my brood acts like the kids that they are. “Ugh, how dare your daughter climb inside the clothing racks and try to play peek-a-boo!” Um, hello, that’s freaking adorable! “Are ALL of those yours?” perfect strangers exclaim. I want to respond with an equally obnoxious question. “Are you aware that the large spare tire about your midsection is exposed by a crop top that would fit my four-year-old?” Boarding a plane with a toddler invites the deadliest of glances and the wind from 200 huffy sighs ruffles my hair with malodorous disdain. I would love to be free from snarky comments about being a “breeder.” I chuck a poopy diaper in your general direction, judging judgers!


There’s a No Kids movement afoot. And as a parent of a his-mine-ours brood of five, I couldn’t be more delighted.

Airlines and restaurants with No Kids sections? Perfect. That means people in the Families with Children section understand that babies cry, toddlers throw tantrums at the least convenient times, and kids up to around, oh 18ish, do a lot of whining. And it’s all developmentally normal human behavior–not the mark of poor parenting, or “breeding” as some of the angrier, super clever childless-by-choicers call it.

While we’re on the topic, I want to confess that I get uneasy when my childless-by-choice friends are compelled to reassure me that they are definitely not “anti-children” because they’re perfectly fine with well-behaved, well-raised, well-parented children. Spoken like people with absolutely no idea what kind of anxiety is involved with parenting in your presence. Did you know that we beg the universe not to let…

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