For the record, I do not support abortion. It’s not a religious thing. The idea of terminating life for the sake of convenience just gives me the creeps.

Wait, it gets worse. Seriously … no, wait. C’mon … HEY! Shut up and let me finish. Damn.

There’s also something else I’m not. I’m not a woman with a kid inside her wondering what I’m going to do about it. Abortion may creep me out for any number of reasons, but I’m a guy. For me, the issue of abortion exists largely in theory.

See, I’m not the person who has to wear that kid for nine months and then be personally responsible for it when the weasel half of the parenting equation disappears or won’t man up. So.

Know what else I don’t support? I don’t support government making any really personal decisions for me. I hate a government that promises to reduce its involvement in my personal life yet grows more meddlesome and domineering every year.

However, I do like mandatory 72-hour waiting periods. This is a religious position. I have an unshakable faith that people are morons — including you and me. But especially you.

READ MORE: Kirby: Wait 3 days for a Utah abortion? Why not wait to have sex, too? | The Salt Lake Tribune.

This guy is for mandatory 72-hour waits for all major life decisions. Funny.

Does anyone find it ironic that the same people who support all of these restrictive laws  affecting women’s reproductive choices also flip the hell out when someone brings up waiting periods to buy a gun? Sigh. I don’t get it.

11 thoughts on “Kirby: Wait 3 days for a Utah abortion? Why not wait to have sex, too? | The Salt Lake Tribune

  1. It’s a deep conspiracy!! I’m telling you, the last thing they are thinking about is woman’s bodies. The men are only thinking of themselves. I might put in a blog. It’ll blow people’s mind.

  2. Women do not use abortion as a matter of convenience any more than holding an aspirin between one’s legs can prevent pregnancy (we can thank Santorum for that gem). That’s like assuming everyone on welfare just doesn’t want to work (another ridiculous myth). No one gets a colonoscopy for convenience either, and no would imagine that any one would think anything about the procedure is convenient or simple yet abortions are far more invasive and painful, both physically and emotionally, and those are supposed to be convenient. I am by no means attacking you, as I am well aware that your post made it clear that you support a woman’s right to her bodily integrity (and incedentally, I do too). I just think that it is time for this myth to stop being bandied about like a bad internet meme.

    1. I agree completely with you. And even if I didn’t, I WELCOME dissenting opinions. Keeps me on my toes!

      This is not my article, I was just linking to it because his tongue-in-cheek call to wait three days for ANY major decision is funny to me. He has the OPINION that abortion is “creepy,” but he doesn’t support forcing that view on women. He can think whatever he likes, however misguided he may be.

  3. i didn’t realize that you were quoting the article – I thought that you were commenting on it. That’s what I get for commenting on blogs late night! I should really pay more attention. The guy who thinks that abortion is creepy… I don’t know what to say (that I haven’t already) other than I’m very glad he at least has the sense to not try to enforce his views onto women.

    Thank you for being so welcoming to dissenting opinions and open dialogue. I think that is a rare quality these days.

    1. Oops, thank goodness you gave me the chance to clarify! I am vigorously and adamantly OPPOSED to government intrusion into reproductive rights!! I think the best way to reduce the number of abortions is through EDUCATION and access to contraception-both things to which “pro-lifers” are usually opposed.

  4. I am a woman. I am pro-choice, but funny I don’t disagree with the article. There is nothing wrong with asking women to wait 72 hours. To consider her choices and options before making this one. People don’t understand that pro-choice means the choice to say yes or no.

    1. I’m not sure that I understand that point of view. What makes you think that a woman who has decided to have an abortion hasn’t already thought very long and very hard to come to such an agonizing and difficult decision? No one has an abortion on a whim.

      If a man wants to have his vas deferens cut and tied in order to become sterile – which is a permanent and life long decision – he is not required to wait 72 hours before doing so. Is he more capable of making complicated decisions that will have life long ramifications than a woman is? I would have to say most definitely not.

  5. Because it does no harm and it may satisfy the evil that is interference in decision making of the woman. I am fully aware that no woman comes to this decision on a whim, I am also aware that no woman walks into a clinic and says do it now. So simply writing this piece of trivia into a rule book satisfies the desire of control without taking choice away, without doing real harm; well I would rather see this than the alternative.

    I think it is a matter of pragmatism on my part. As a woman I look at some of the more terrible things going on today. Vaginal ultrasounds, complete denial of services, pulling funding from Planned Parenthood where some women get all healthcare services; I am stunned and fearful for us all. So if the worst is a 72 hour waiting period I can live with this, I suspect most women would agree.

    1. I’ve been planning a post about the subject of mandatory waiting periods, so I won’t go into great deal here, but they aren’t good. In a state where access to safe abortion is nearly non-existent due to excessively restrictive laws and licensing requirements, a woman may have to travel hours from her home to obtain one. If she has children, she must arrange for childcare. If she has a job, she has to take time off. The woman has to be counseled IN PERSON, undergo an ultrasound and description of the fetus, then go “think about it” for three days before going through the whole process again to receive an abortion that she has surely given great thought to before those three days. In Utah, where this waiting period has been passed into law, the ONLY abortion provider is in Salt Lake City, down from 7 providers in 2008. This has been a carefully engineered and multi-pronged attack on reproductive rights across the country. This is the problem with waiting periods when time is of the essence.

  6. I think both of you are seeing this through the lens of what is already a terrible thing and thinking I don’t see this. I do. I am looking not at what has already been done to us and saying add this onto already restrictive programs.

    I responded only to the original post and said, if that is the only restriction I can live with that.

    Do you see what I am saying? Not if that is added to an already terrible list of restrictions. Not if there is more. Not if there has already been a pile of restrictions. But if the only thing is a single 72 hour waiting period from the time a woman walks into her doctors office and requests services to the time those services are performed, with no other restrictions, no other interference, no other thing that stands in her way to receiving the care she has asked for; than I can live with that three day waiting period because that is the least harmful and the least restrictive and the least interfering.

    Let me repeat one more time my position because I think it has been lost in translation. I am and have been my entire adult life, pro-choice. My position has never changed. I have never sat on the fence. I have never been anything else but pro-choice. I simply accept that I live in a nation that believes my choices regarding my health and reproductive life-cycle are not my own to make, I am a pragmatist. If I could find a way to protect women that is the least intrusive I would accept it, if that was a three day waiting period and that was the only thing that was demanded, I would accept it with grace and pray I didn’t have to accept any other intrusion into my or any other woman’s horrible choices ever again.

    I hope I have made myself clear. I did not intend to start a firefight with those I fundamentally agree with. I apologize if I was unclear in my statements.

    1. I don’t think anyone has taken offense. I understand what you are saying. In reality, this is only the latest in restrictive measures meant to take away our autonomy. I responded only to give the full picture of what is happening in Utah and all over the country. By itself a waiting period doesn’t seem a big deal, but in light of the other restictions and the lack of services nearby, the difficulty for women becomes clear. I respect and welcome your input. As far as I’m concerned this is a friendly discussion:)

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