State constitutions should protect equal rights, not strip them away. Please share this post with friends and family who live in North Carolina.

On May 8th, the people of North Carolina will face a choice: To etch discrimination permanently into their state constitution by stripping rights away from thousands of families, or to reject bigotry and intolerance and uphold the principle of equality and fairness.

Amendment One is not an anti-same sex marriage measure. Indeed, same sex marriage is already banned by law in North Carolina. Amendment One’s backers actually seek to deny legal recognition and benefits to ANY unmarried couple, straight or gay.

This sweeping and unprecedented amendment would deny recognition to civil unions and domestic partnerships–legal relationships on which many thousands already rely. Unmarried couples could be prohibited from hospital visitations and refused authority on emergency medical and financial decisions if one partner is incapacitated. Health insurance benefits, currently offered to domestic partners, could be stripped away, denying coverage to children and dependents.

America is about inclusion, not exclusion. It is about recognition of our diversity, and the strength that comes of it. Our democratic process, while designed to fulfill the will of the majority, also protects electoral minorities by guaranteeing certain inalienable rights, such as equal protection under the law. Those are the rules of our civil society, and Amendment One seeks to transgress them.

I urge North Carolinians to send a resounding message to the cynical and divisive forces at work behind Amendment One by voting NO on May 8th. Please share this message with friends and families within that fair state, and tell them we are counting on them to hold firm.

–George Takei

via North Carolina: Vote AGAINST Amendment One – Allegiance.

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