Zimmerman: I wanted to say I am very sorry for the loss of your son. I did not know how old he was. I thought he was a little bit younger than I am, and I did not know if he was armed or not.

via Excerpts from George Zimmerman’s apology to Trayvon Martin’s parents, prosecutor’s questions – The Washington Post.

George Zimmerman was allowed to speak in court today during his bond hearing, which was granted. He addressed the parent of the slain 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. He expressed his apologies for shooting their son, stating that he didn’t know the age of Martin, and thought him “a little bit younger than I am.” I think we can call that a lie, based on his own words. Please listen to the audio of his call to 911 around the 1:15 mark:

Prosecutors were blindsided by other irregularities during the bond hearing. Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. also allowed the defense to pepper an investigator, Dale Gilbreath, with questions for which he was not prepared. “I didn’t know we’d be trying the case,” said prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda during the proceedings. With the photo of Zimmerman’s head injury released, his statements in court to the family allowed, and his bond set at only $150,000, Zimmerman’s defense team has scored a win for their client today. The prosecution will need to be on their toes and ready for anything in this case, or Zimmerman will walk.

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