Great post by DoubleyooTeeEff! It made me think of this quote from my favorite author and satirist, Mark Twain: “Patriot: the person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about.” Describes the vile Mr. Nugent well, doesn’t it? The Secret Service has determined Nugent is no threat to the President. He allegedly smeared himself with feces to dodge the draft. Now he is spewing feces and waving his pseudo-phallus AK to hide the fact that he is an impotent coward. One almost wonders if he is for real, because he seems the most ridiculous caricature of teabagging insanity I have ever seen!


I wasn’t going to write about the whole Ted Nugent thing. I think it’s been discussed widely enough as it is. By now, I figured, everyone must be sick of hearing about it already.

But after hearing his comments being replayed, over and over, on various news programs, I started to get a bit aggravated.

And then I got indignant.

And then, the more I thought about what he’d said, I found myself at a point which I could not even describe to you if I tried. It’s a point where all manner of feelings started coming to the surface – anger, disgust, incredulousness.

Above all of these things, one emotion in particular rose up with a surprising clarity and fierceness. I realized that what I felt, more strongly than anything else, was a sense of patriotism.

Ted Nugent considers himself a patriot. Most of the right-wing conservatives in the…

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  1. Yes, excellent post! I used to be able to separate the musician from the radical, fanatical, hatemonger but THIS latest stunt has done me in.

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