John "The Betrayer" Edwards, the lowest of political lifeforms. (Image from AP)

My schadenfreude meter is pegging over the fact that Mr. $500 haircut now gets his hair done at the local Supercuts in Raleigh. This is a trivial matter, I know, but I physically feel like puking whenever I think about this POS. I voted for this man as senator of my home state of NC. I really admired him until we found out that underneath that handsome exterior lies a reptilian shitbag with no morals. I felt betrayed and utterly devastated for his family. To  cheat on your cancer-stricken wife and make a baby with the interloper, THEN proceed to vie for the job as Commander in Chief of the most powerful nation in the world. WHAT the HELL. This was during a time in which Bush the lesser had tanked the economy, led us into two seemingly endless wars, and single-handedly stripped the dignity of the nation to its skivvies. Edwards COULD have wrecked the chances of winning the White House and defeating McCain. What a colossal ego he has, to think he could get away with all of it. I hope that he spends some quality time in prison for violating campaign finance laws. It won’ t be enough to make up for what he did to his wife, family, and friends who really believed in him.

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