I have to admit that I am guilty of several of these “secrets.” If I say “don’t get me anything,” I am lying my ass off.  “We secretly hate you a little” is true, but it’s all men, not just you. I do tend to shake my booty and sing in private, replay old arguments in my head for years, and pretend my life is more glamorous than it is. Lots of little secrets that men might want to know about their women-folk in this little article.

Here’s my contribution to the confessional: The reason we always say “nothing’s wrong,” is because we don’t want to get even more pissed when you make excuses for whatever you did to make us angry. The best thing to do is give us a break, rub our feet, go buy us some potato chips/Chunky Monkey/artisan chocolates and bath salts-silently.

I could add a few more, what about you, ladies? Men, feel free to chip in if you think you have some insight into the female psyche.

20 Secrets of Women Revealed | Kid Scoop.

6 thoughts on “20 Secrets of Women Revealed | Kid Scoop

  1. Don’t get all mental if we have a girl’s night out once in a while. We need them. It’s not about excluding you, it’s about making time to be ourselves as individuals, and not as mommies or wives.

  2. Awesome and humorous post. I was wondering if you would allow me to write a guest post on this particular post from the male perspective? We as men have secrets too. Weird ones!! Please let me know. Thanks

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