Zimmerman has been arrested and charged, at long last.


I’ve been reading about this story for days now, horrified and outraged that the killer was not even taken into custody for questioning. George Zimmerman claims he only shot this 17-year-old kid in self-defense. For some reason the Stand Your Ground law in Florida is being used to justify this killing, based solely on Zimmerman’s word. Police claim they don’t have enough evidence to prove otherwise. After hearing several 911 calls and an account of the phone call Trayvon was engaged in just before the incident, I believe there is plenty of just cause to question Zimmerman further. A young man who walked to the nearby Seven-Eleven during half-time of an NBA ballgame never made it home. Instead, he ended up face-down in the grass, with a fatal gunshot wound to his chest.

Young Trayvon Martin, who has never been in trouble with the law and…

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