This morning as I was trying to do too many things at once, I burned my biscuits. After letting slip a few words that prompted my twelve-year-old to chastise me, I lamented the waste of good food. Prying the biscuits from the pan, they held together in a nice little ring.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with Pinterest for the last couple of months. I can no longer throw away an aluminum can, egg carton, toilet paper tube, or wine bottle now that I know about all of the glorious crafty things I can do with them. Needless to say, my house is now jam-packed like a hoarder’s dream with what most people would call “trash.” So…I had a really hard time throwing away this perfectly fine piece of inedible bread. Enter: my brilliant idea!!

Wild bird seed, peanut butter, hard ring of biscuits!

You know where I’m going with this, right? Oh, yeah, homemade bird feeder for the myriad of red and blue fowl that have been populating my yard lately! AND, my oldest kid was willing to be the manual laborer, since I am more of an idea-person.

My big girl creating the most ingenious invention EVER!

My girl simply spread the peanut butter all over the ring of rock-hard dough, then rolled it in a generous pile of birdseed and…voila!

Birdseed-covered burnt biscuit ring in situ.

Isn’t it perfect? I just know that when I get up bright and early on Easter Sunday this little feeder will be giving sustenance to all of the cardinals, blue jays and mockingbirds that love to sing outside my window every freaking morning! I even tied it in the tree with one leg of an old pair of pantyhose. The other leg was used for egg-dying today, during which we glued foliage to the egg, tied it in a piece of hosiery, and dipped the egg in the dye to make a lovely little nature-inspired decorated egg. Am I not the Pinterest QUEEN? I’m not going to post a photo of the eggs, because sometimes stuff just doesn’t turn out as amazing as you think they should. But I will leave you with another fabulous Pinteresting idea that my husband invented: The “redneck wine-bottler opener” that was inspired by my freak-out when my fancy electric opener lost its charge and I couldn’t find the charger:

Vise-grips/cannibalized old corkscrew wine-bottle opener!

You, too, can be a Crafty Crafterson if you simply think outside the box. Next, I’ll be using an old toilet as a sustainable planter for microgreens. Yum! Stay tuned…



***Note: Here’s a link to what the dyed eggs were SUPPOSED to look like:***Happy Easter, everyone:)

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