Don't Tread on Me (or my uterus)!!

Check this sticker out available @ Cafe Press. I always say this when Tea Partiers & their ilk try to get all Big Gub’mint on my reproductive rights!!

11 thoughts on “Don’t Tread on Me (or my uterus)!!

  1. That’s excellent! Only thing is, I’ll bet you 90% of the men that look at this won’t have a clue that that’s a uterus. Which is a big part of the whole problem… ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

  2. You are being fed a lot of propaganda from the lefties. Keep doing that, it suits you. You know, it is too hard to think for yourself.
    Stupid Obama says if he had a son he would not allow him to play football, however, in 2008 he said he would allow his daughter to have an abortion so she would not be burdened with a baby.
    Please, wake up one day. You only get one life

  3. P.S.

    Rosemary’s Baby,

    This flag is about so much more than abortion. I had trouble getting pregnant so my husband and I had to see a specialist. We wanted to have children for God’s sake! An estimated 1 in 7 couples experience infertility.

    Unfortunately, the anti-abortion and anti-birth control legislators are limiting the options for women who want to be pregnant. Apparently, all these men did not think about the repercussions. Next they will ban adoption too.

  4. I have to put my input on this. Came across this looking for a Gadsden flag for my truck. Feel it kinda discraces it and now I went through a divorce where she took everything away from me gave me no affection for a year and going out without her wedding ring to bars for months I get fucked. So you tell me if men are more terrible then women. Its the people you are with. Gender has nothing to do with it. But of course feminist like yourselves would pat my wife on the back and tell her she did the right thing. I have known more men negatively effected by fucking women then I know friends that are female.

    1. I would not pat her on the back for cheating on you. I believe in faithfulness and mutual respect, and I have been with the same man for over 20 years. As you say, gender has nothing to do with anything. Character depends on the person. It seems you are angry at all women, but try not to paint us all with the same brush. I hope you find peace and someone you can love and trust.

  5. I can’t believe either side here. So rude. I want this sticker as a man because I want the government out of my business and off all bodies. Give me my guns and give my very much loved female friends and family their rights back! How dare anybody try to justify taking away the rights of any Americans. You dont get to say you want the government to stay out of your personal affairs (wether that be for guns or religion or whatever) and turn around and take the rights from others because you don’t like it. That is not how this works. Freedom for all Americans! Also, I am having the damndest time finding this decal. I wish this article would have posted a source link as would be expected of any respectable entity.

    1. If you click on the photo you will be directed straight to the source. The text of this post also credits the source. Thanks for your comments.

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