Right now my favorite show is The Walking Dead, on AMC. I haven’t read the comics, so it’s all new to me. I have heard that the show does not follow the comics very closely. One of the best characters, Daryl, is not even in the original story. He’s the guy I would stick with in a zombie apocalypse.

In the scene last episode when the group kills a group of walkers in various gore-tastic ways, my husband said that they were “going Office Space” on their asses. It was funny when I saw this video later:

Apparently other people had the same idea. I wonder if they planned it that way for us geeks to laugh about?

This show has captivated me in such a way that I watch Talking Dead and debate various strategies of survival with others. This may seem pretty freaking lame, but I think my fascination arises less from the zombie story, but more from the possibility that one day we may face a situation where normal society breaks down. We rely heavily on technology and the Internet for our basic day-to-day needs. Most of us don’t know how to grow and preserve our own food or to hunt. We depend on law enforcement and the government to provide our security and safety net should any catastrophe occur. I am not a survivalist (yet), but I can imagine the swift breakdown of civilized society should all of our comforts and conveniences be disrupted.

We need only look back to Hurricane Katrina to see a picture of what could happen on a national or global scale. Truly sobering. The Walking Dead titillates me because it is an allegory of what could happen. The characters are not very likable a lot of the time. I find myself yelling at them, advising them, and wondering how I would do if I were in their shoes.

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