I’m Jealous of This Blogger!

This article from Yahoo credits Nina Jacinto, a guest blogger at Racialicious in part for Victoria’s Secret pulling the controversial Sexy Little Geisha costume from its “Go East” collection. She wrote a blog post about it a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s my humble little blog post about it from August, which is one of the top posts I have ever had for page views. I think the Yahoo story gave me a little bump too, up 232% in the last day! Kudos to Nina Jacinto and others who helped prompt Victoria’s Secret to stop selling that REALLY ugly and offensive costume! Oh, here’s another gratuitous screen shot of it. You’re welcome.

Victoria’s Secret Geisha Lingerie Sparks Controversy: How One Blogger Took on a Brand | Fashion – Yahoo! Shine.

UPDATE: OMG, stats up 1730%! WOW!

4 thoughts on “I’m Jealous of This Blogger!

  1. I’m confused Ms. Amaya, what is offensive to you about this get up? I’m not being funny but seriously am curious what you find offensive about this particular outfit? I’ve been so busy with politics I missed this altogether.

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